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AVANCE (BUY, TP 60) 4Q17 review: Massive upside ahead

The 4Q17 numbers were in-line with expectations, with few surprises emerging in the report or presentation. Avance rallied 7% on the day amongst a general appreciation of the VLGC segment. As we enter the seasonally strong period from April to August, we simultaneously expect supply growth to turn negative. Add annualized demand growth of ~10% and we remain highly optimistic on the share price development over both the short- and long-term horizon. We reiterate our BUY recommendation and have a NOK 60 target price.


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2018: Firing on all Cylinders

Never before have we been so optimistic across all sub-segments of the shipping/oil service sectors simultaneously as we now are for 2018. All segments have either just entered the expansionary phase of the business cycle, or will experience the inflection point in 2018. Thus, we find ourselves in an extraordinary situation where a potential 109% return over the next year is being dependent on careful capital allocation. In this report, we outline our top picks for 2018 in terms of timing, segments and shares, focusing on maximizing return/risk.    


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