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We do currently not accept new public subscribers. Feel free to contact us for more information

We offer two types of memberships:

  1. A fixed $199/month fee (first month for free) to gain access to our proven & consistent alpha-generating research (+90% since 2014 vs market -49% % consensus -45%). Please sign up to become a Gersemi Member
  2. An individual plan for Private Network members. You get access to the inner details of our portfolio management & insight into “Private & Confidential” information from our network, in additional to Gersemi Member benefits. Initial fees are close to zero and primarily based on the future performance of our portfolio of equities (+82% on avg capital employed since 2016). Please contact us to become a member of our Private Network

Gersemi Member

We have consistently and significantly outperformed both the market and consensus over time. Since 2014, our stock recommendations within shipping have returned 74%. Consensus’ recommendation on the same shares have returned a loss of -52% in the same period, while an index of the shares is down 54%.

Our research is widely acknowledged among institutional and retail investors alike. Please find some samples below:

Feb/2018: Firing on all Cylinders (26-page report)

Apr/2018: LPG Shipping (BUY): Do Not Liquidate Palatable Growth (34-page report)

Jun/2018: Genco Shipping (BUY, TP 24): Value Destruction

Gersemi is also a widely cited source in the most renowed shipping industry media outlet TradeWinds and a variety of other news outlets.

You can receive  two months for free (17% discount) if you sign up for our annual $1,999 subscription service. Please contact us to take advantage of this discount

Please sign up here to become a Gersemi Member

Private Network

I have been managing a portfolio of shipping/oil service shares since 2016, and have generated 82% return on average capital employed since inception. 81% in 2016, 21% in 2017 and 11% YTD. Full transaction list available to private network members.

Fees are based on the performance of my portfolio, and thus fits all investors, small and large. This is an opportunity to take part in our proven strategies, with close to zero fees if I miss the mark. Please contact me for a private quote on how to become a member of my Private Network.



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