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5 Responses to Sign up for free membership

  1. Fred Silver says:

    The best work I’ve seen! Thank you

  2. Hannisdahl says:

    Thanks, Fred. Much appreciated. We try to combine years of experience from the industry with original ideas.

  3. Fred Silver says:

    Joachim, well telegraphed China retaliation toward US soybeans will have to be discounted in dry cargo price/rate projections, just curious if your pending dry reports will reflect this? Also true for Atlantic Supras and steel tariffs re: Platts article in Hellenic News. Finally, is there any possibility China will restrict LPG import fromUS.
    Just concerned about seabourne trade implications. Felt I’d go to the only person who might shed light on this potential risk.

    • Hannisdahl says:

      Hi Fred. Thanks for reaching out

      I think China is that dependent on growing LPG (and LNG) imports such as to find these volumes in the global market. If not directly from the US, it might be negative for tonne-mile demand, but will likely lead South Korea/Japan/India to source more from the US while China increases its footprint in the AG.

      My main concern lies with the potential negative impact it might have on the currently strong global economic growth, which again will impact shipping. Container is the first segment that comes to mind could be directly affected, but dry bulk, crude, LNG and LPG will most likely also be negatively affected, directly or indirectly.

      As of now, we are following developments closely. In our 78p dry bulk segment update published today, we highlight an US initiated trade war as our main concern.Might be a topic for future research…

  4. Fred Silver says:

    Just received alert on China tariff response. Looks like Dry Bulk Market dodged bullet, at least for now. …look forward to your updates.

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